Robin Plante


An industrial design graduate, Robin Plante has over 22 years experiences designing consumer products for the international mass markets. During his 13 year tenure as head of research and development and head designer at Rolf C Hagen, Robin has developed well over a hundred products for the pet industry — some of which have reached iconic status internationally.

With a profound belief in innovation and creating products that make a difference in people's lives, he was granted over a dozen patents and multiple design awards.

Being an inventor and a designer, Robin has always been "hands on" at creating his products from sketch to CAD, and from prototypes to crafted fabrications.

Encompassing a life worth of experience to provide an unforgettable product experience, Robin has now created his own signature product line of “urban eco gardens” named BrioTM. Seamlessly fusing a fresh water aquarium with planted gardens using the science of aquaponics, his unique system will revolutionize the home aquariums that we've known for decades.

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Introducing Brio

Please note that the Brio 250 is not currently available for purchase. More details here.